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Precision CNC WaterJet and Plasma Cutting, CNC Machining and Routing.

Hand-crafted and Artisan Wood and Metal Fabrication

For Residential and Commercial Settings.

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Modern Industrial designs for your home, office, store, or restaurant.


Anything from candle holders, to outside art, to interior accent pieces.


We work with several different mediums, but mainly metal and wood.  This combination of materials, along with accents of glass, create stunning designs that are meant to stand the test of time in design, functionality, and durability.

Have a design in your head or on paper and need someone to turn it into reality?  

Need to prototype an idea before scaling up production, let's collaborate on ideas and get you moving forward quickly. 


Have a unique space that requires a completely custom solution?  

Co-design a piece with us that suites every need.


Need a one-off or prototype design to be built?

Work space tables, guitar truss-rods, even ice-cream carts.


We perform many technical and mechanical services including precision CNC WaterJet and Plasma Cutting, CNC Machining and Routing, metal fabrication/welding, all types of wood fabrication, standard and digital design, and manual machine work (both milling and lathe turning).  

CNC Plasma Cutting


A collection of projects completed with a passion for design and craftsmanship.



Mountain Metalworks is about more than just raw materials built into a final product.  It involves a passion for design, collaboration, and craftsmanship.


Many products are "cradle to grave", spanning the entire build process.  Much of the hardwood(Maple, Oak, Ash, and Cherry) and Pine was personally harvested by myself and other family members in Wisconsin and Colorado.  Logs were then aged and milled on our family sawmills, then stacked and dried for use. 

Metal projects start with an idea, then a computer design, and are eventually cut using precision CNC Plasma Cutting using state-of-the-art technology.  


These very personal processes allow finding the best wood, with the right character, and the right designs for each individual furniture or custom piece.

I started Mountain Metalworks in Albuquerque, NM with a few

key concepts in mind:

  • Look for inspiration in the combination of wood and metal

  • Collaborate with clients on unique yet practical designs

  • Focus on craftsmanship

  • And deliver on commitments

With these fundamental ideas, I have set out to bring my designs to Albuquerque, the rest of the US, and beyond. 

I look forward to working with each of you in the future!


Owner, Mountain Metalworks





4801 Jefferson St NE Unit C

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Entrance/Parking is off Bogan Ave

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